Our Perth podiatry practices located at Morley and Warwick offer a full service of podiatry treatment. When you need a foot doctor it is important to receive treatment from a podiatrist that has qualified experience to alleviate discomfort and provide a sustainable cure. It is reassuring to know that our cure rate is greater than 95%. We have over 25 years experience for the treatment of ingrown toenails, foot spurs, foot pain, heel pain, and other podiatry related symptoms.

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Toenaildoc avoids these common complications associated with ingrown toenail treatment.

Toenaildoc avoids these common complications associated with ingrown toenail treatment.

Is This You?


If you or a family member suffering from Ingrown Toenails or had unsuccessful Ingrown Toenail Treatment in the past....then experience tells―you may relate to the following:


"The local anaesthetic injection was extremely painful"

Traumatic treatment

"Even after the anaesthetic I could still feel the nail being removed"


"I was told the problem would be fixed but the nail has grown back"


"My toe was painful for weeks after having the ingrown toenails removed and I had difficulty sleeping at night"

Poor Advice

"All I was told to do is just soak it in salt water"


"I'm afraid of having treatment because a family member has such a bad experience with the removal of their ingrown toenails"

Toenaildoc ingrown toenail treatment guarantree


  • No hospitalisation, saving $$$
  • No doctors referral
  • Normal duties within 24hrs.
  • Minimal post operative discomfort
  • 25 years experience delivers patients consistent success


  • Free assessment
  • Success rate 95% plus
  • Free retreat in the unlikely event of any recurrence
  • *Within a 24 month period of being permanently removed


  • All Health Funds
  • Medicare Care Plan
  • DVA
  • Concessions

Health Insurance Organisations

PERMANENTLY fixing ingrown toenails

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to finish prescribed antibiotics before I can start treatment?

No. The quickest way to reduce pain and inflammation is to have the pressure of the nail relieved, which a Toenaildoc practitioner can do skillfully, with minimal discomfort.

The nail is extremely painful even when I touch it. Will the treatment be painful?

You can rest assured that with 25 years of experience, your feet will be in most skillful hands. We fully understand the degree of pain and emotions you are experiencing. A local anesthetic may be used if necessary.

Will I need to take time off work?

No. Except if you are unable to ware open toe shoes due to the nature of your work. A medical certificate can be issued.

Can my ingrown toenail be treated permanently on the first visit?

Yes in most cases and subject to the practitioners clinical assessment.

Is there any way to releive the pain until I can schedule a more convenient time to have the permanent treatment?

Absolutely. The pain can be relieved with an initial treatment which effectively buys you time to schedule the permanent treatment.

I / my child has had a very painful and traumatic experience in the past getting this ingrown toenail treated, will your treatment be different?

Yes. Be assured that we have heard many similar accounts from our patients and understand the fear and anxiety this has created. Along with successful treatment, our focus is to make treatment as pain free as possible.

How painful is it after the procedure and how long will it take to heal?

The level of post-op pain is low. About 50% of patients do not require post-op analgesia and Paracetamol is usually sufficient for the other 50%. On average, the treated area heals within 14 days.