A 10 minute free assessment that identifies the history, cause, and a podiatry treatment plan .

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ingrown toenail treatment

conservative treatment

A non invasive treatment that provides symptomatic relief and manages the condition.

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surgical ingrown toenail procedure

surgical treatment

Segment removal of nail under local anaesthetic without the need to excise the skin.

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Toenaildoc ingrown toenail treatment guarantree

Free assessment

Success rate 95% plus

Free retreat in the unlikely event of any recurrence

Free Assessment

Contact us to schedule a visit or upload an image of your ingrown toenail to receive feedback from a practitioner. 


PERMANENTLY fixing ingrown toenails


The first step in formulating a successful ingrown toenail treatment plan is to obtain a history of the individual case. The second step is to accurately identify the aetiology or cause of the individual case of ingrown toenail. Following a physical examination, the diagnosis of an ingrown toenail may be confirmed. With 25 years experience in treating 1000's of cases of ingrown toenails in Perth, you can be confident that the correct diagnosis and treatment plan will be formulated for you by a practitioner at either of our locations in Perth: Morley, Warwick and Wembley.



Recommended Approach:

Factors which will decide on the best treatment plan for you include:

  • Is the presentation a "one off" episode or recurring problem.
  • Is there a possibility of "re-training" the nail by changing external factors?
  • If the patient has had previous treatment elsewhere which has failed it is important to discuss their experience, concerns and provide reassurance.
  • The medical status of the patient.
  • The patients routine schedule, time constraints and financial considerations.

You can be confident that our priority is to identify and meet your specific treatment needs. And relieve the pain from your ingrown toenail with minimal disruption to your routine and expense.

Conservative Treatment:

Conservative treatment is non-invasive relative to surgical treatment of ingrown toenails.

  • In the majority of cases conservative treatment of pain from ingrown toenails provides symptomatic relief and "manages" the condition.
  • Permanent cure not expected in most cases from conservative ingrown toenail treatment.
  • As a rule anaesthesia is not required when this treatment is provided at Toenaildoc. The majority of our patients are pleasantly surprised with the ease by which Toenaildoc can relieve their ingrown toenail pain at any of our Perth locations: Morley, Warwick and Wembley.
  • Immediate relief is normally experienced and there are no additional restrictions to the patients normal routine following conservative treatment.
  •  in the majority of cases the actual treatment takes less than 10 minutes. 
  • The patient will need to return periodically for the treatment to be repeated.

This may be ideally suited to people with medical conditions such as diabetes, PVD, osteoarthritis, impaired vision and  seniors who required ongoing podiatry treatment. A Podiatrist ("foot doctor") is available at either of our locations in Perth: Morley and Warwick. 

  • In the long term, conservative treatment is not cost effective for patients who are recommended surgery for a recurring ingrown toenail.

Surgical Treatment:

Toenaildoc employs the least invasive surgical method of permanently fixing ingrown toenails.

  • The offending segment of nail is removed under local anaesthetic without the need for any incisions into the skin. As a result, there is minimal post-operative pain or disability.
  • On average, approximately 50% of our patients report not requiring any form of pain management post-treatment. Normal Panadol is sufficient in the majority of  remaining 50%.
  • In most cases, the nail will look normal once it is healed.
  • Surgical treatment is recommended when the ingrown toenail has a history of recurring.
  • Regardless of whether you have had any previous treatment in the past we can still assure you of a 95% success rate.
  • A single ingrown toenail can be permanently fixed in under 30 minutes.

Ingrown toenail treatment can be provided at either of our clinics in Perth: Morley and Warwick rooms without any need for hospitalisation.

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